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GIV-ing the power of moonshots

GIV’s objective is to extend the power of syndicate investing to every aspiring investor through a co-participation structure in pre-vetted opportunities that were traditionally only available to large investors.

We specialize in identifying moonshot opportunities and providing early participation with a structured deal on a deeply discounted value.

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Our Philosophy - Laser Focused

We focus on one opportunity at a time

Explore Homz Opportunity

Get access to this exciting moonshot investment opportunity that has been thoroughly reviewed, approved and backed by the Lead Investor.
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Learn about Structure

Participate in a moonshot opportunity, structured with capital protection, consistent cash flow, asset backing and unlimited upside.
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Learn about institution

Invest alongside with the institution and the family office, with their same terms and conditions. Reap the rewards and the power of syndicate investing.
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What We Believe

When it comes to investing, we accept that wealth should be created on day zero. We believe you earn it all, it’s your money, and you should not have to wait unnecessarily.

We believe you deserve everything, it’s your money.

The best way to give back is

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